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A great video filmed at Cherhill in Wiltshire.


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Hi Andrew - my husband's mother was a Dolman, and her father, Thomas, born in Bath - he married twice - first to an Eliza, and secondly to a Mary Ann Angell - they had four children - Leonard, Reginald, Isabella, and Gwendoline Dora (who married a Harrison). Does any of this sound familiar? Hope so - my search is like looking for hen's teeth!

What I do know is that my husband's parents were George William Ernest Harrison, who married Gwendoline Dora Dolman, in 1924 in London. Gwendoline's parents were
Thomas Dolman and Mary Ann Dolman (nee Angell), who lived in Cotton Road, in Lyncombe, Bath. They had three other children too - Leonard, Reginald, and Isabella, the latter having lived in Hilperton Marsh, Wiltshire, for a while after her marriage.
I believe the boys died fairly early (58 and 65) but that Isabella died in the same year as Gwendoline (1979), though the latter died in Australia.

Thanls for any feedback you can give.

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Terence O’Brian, of Mount Duneed. Victoria. Australia has recently sent in the following:

Link Maiden Bradley Dolman’s and Deverill’s Doman’s

I have recently been researching the ancestors of James and Charles Doman that arrived in Port Adelaide, Australia in the 1800’s. Previous researchers had traced the family back to James Doman and Mary Ford married in Longbridge Deverill.

My research has included

• Reading of the Latter Day Saints (LDS) microfilms of data from the following churches in south west Wiltshire:
o #129370 – Westbury, Brixton Deverill, Hill Deverill & Kingston Deverill
o #129371 – Monkton Deverill, Longbridge Deverill & Crockton (Crockerton)
o #1279342 – Kilmington
o #1279351 – Maiden Bradley / Cherhill
• Extraction of all Doman’s listed in the 1841 and 1851 UK Census for Wiltshire – and some other census data.
• Making contact with a number of English Doman researchers and relatives through and

Records of the church and census data I have found (202 Baptisms, 56 Marriages, 98 Burials, 203 Census records) can be supplied in Excel format if required. Key data relating to this Doman (Dolman) line (including many hundreds in Australia) is also available in gedcom format.

My key data findings are as follows:

1. I confirmed the following records relating to James Doman and Mary Ford in the above LDS church microfilms for Hill Deverill and Longbridge Deverill:
a. Marriage 29 Mar 1796 Longbridge Deverill of James Dolman (see significance of spelling later on) and Mary Ford (banns were on Jan 24, Jan 31 & Feb 7)
b. Christenings of their children as follows (note dual dates below are due to the first 6 children being recorded twice in the Hill Deverill church records – with shown variations). Note all children except second Frederick were baptised as Doman.
i. William Doman born Jan 7 1787 or 1797 baptised Jul 30, 1809 Hill Deverill
ii. Carolina Doman born Mar 25, 1796 baptised Jul 30, 1809 Hill Deverill
iii. James Doman born April 9 1800 baptised Jul 30, 1809 Hill Deverill (father of James Doman that arrived Port Adelaide 8 Aug 1849 and William Charles Doman that arrived Port Adelaide in 1884 and grand-father of Charles Doman that arrive Port Adelaide 22 Feb 1882)
iv. Phillip Doman born Jun / Jul 11 1803 baptised Jul 30, 1809 Hill Deverill
v. John Doman born April 2 1806 baptised Jul 30, 1809 Hill Deverill
vi. Benjamin Doman born May 16 1809 baptised Jul 30, 1809 Hill Deverill
vii. Frederic Doman born Jan 4 1812 baptised May 17 1812 buried Feb 14 1813 Hill Deverill
viii. Frederick Dolman baptised May 14 1815 Hill Deverill
ix. Mary Doman baptised Dec 25 1817 Hill Deverill
x. Jane Doman baptised Apr 2 1820 Hill Deverill
xi. Betsy Doman baptised May 2 1822 Hill Deverill
c. 1851 Census shows James and Mary as being born in Longbridge Deverill – but Longbridge Deverill church records do not show a baptism for James. Mary adult baptised May 29 1822 Longbridge Deverill.
d. James buried 30 Apr 1852 and Mary buried 22 Apr 1854 Hill Deverill
e. I also found / confirmed details of marriages and deaths of most of the above children – and data for their children, children’s children, etc.

2. I found another line of Doman’s in Foxholes, Longbridge Deverill – that of Joseph Dolman and Anne Gray that were of the same age group as James Doman
a. Marriage Sep 22 1801 Longbridge Deverill - shown as Joseph Dolman (see significance of spelling later on)
b. Christenings of 5 children (Thomas, Joseph, Edward, William, David) in Longbridge Deverill with surname shown as Domany for each!
c. Joseph buried Jul 31 1845 in Longbridge Deverill.

3. I also found an older generation Timothy and Mary Doman living in Longbridge Deverill area that had four children baptised in Longbridge Deverill – who were a little younger than James and Joseph:
i. William Doman baptised Oct 3 1784
ii. Benjamin Doman baptised Mar 11 1787
iii. Mary Doman baptised Apr 13 1789
iv. John Doman baptised Sep 2 1792 - Married as John Dolman to Sarah Acory Dec 4 1820 in Longbridge Deverill.

Having not found baptisms for James and Joseph I starting looking at the church records for all the adjoining villages - Brixton Deverill, Hill Deverill, Kingston Deverill, Monkton Deverill, Crockton (Crockerton), Kilmington and finally Maiden Bradley – and I found the following :

4. Timothy Dolman and Mary Coleman were married in Maiden Bradley
a. Timothy baptised Maiden Bradley Mar 13 1748, son of William and Hannah Dolman
b. Timothy Dolman was married 13 May 1775 to Mary Coleman by licence. (Mary was with child (James born 3 months later) - suspect under age, hence the marriage by licence?).
c. Baptism of Timothy & Mary’s children in Maiden Bradley as follows:
i. James Dolman baptised Aug 24 1775
ii. Joseph Dolman baptised Mar 3 1777

5. William Dolman and Hannah Gifford married Maiden Bradley Feb 10 1735
a. Children
i. Susannah baptised Jun 2 1738
ii. Mary baptised Dec 29 1739 buried Sep 29 1748
iii. Timothy baptised May 19 1746 buried May 9 1747
iv. Timothy baptised Mar 13 1748
v. Mary baptised Oct 15 1752
b. William buried Feb 7 1795 and Hannah buried Nov 17 1753
c. A William Dolman married Rebeccah Walters Jan 23 1758 in Maiden Bradley – and had eight children (from 1762 to 1776). This may or may not have been the same William that married Hannah Gifford, but this also could be the same William as this was after Hannah’s death – though this would have meant that William was siring his last child at approximately 56 years of age.
d. A William Dolman died in Maiden Bradley Feb 19 1796 “full of days”

(Note Longbridge Deverill is located approximately 7 kilometres west north west of Maiden Bradley. Hill Deverill (where James settled with his wife Mary Ford) is located about half a kilometre south of Longbridge Deverill. Google search gives photographs of both if you are interested).

James Dolman, Joseph Dolman and John Dolman (see bolded items above) were all married in Longbridge Deverill under the surname of Dolman. The first two – James and Joseph are not recorded as being baptised in Longbridge Deverill – but John was. All of these appear to have been living in the Longbridge Deverill area from about 1784. James Dolman’s children were recorded as baptised as Doman.

Timothy and Mary Dolman were married and had two sons James and Joseph baptised in the Maiden Bradley church (1775 & 1777). Timothy & Mary Doman had four children baptised in the Longbridge Deverill church (William 1784, Benjamin 1787, Mary 1789, John 1792). One of these, John, was married as Dolman.

Note – the difference in spelling of the surname is of little real significance as none of these people (who were labourers) could sign their own names in the late 1700 / early 1800’s (they signed marriage records with an X) – and the spelling was the clerics interpretation of their pronunciation.

It is therefore almost certain (95% or higher probability) that Timothy & Mary Dolman of Maiden Bradley and Timothy & Mary Doman of Longbridge Deverill are the same family – and they moved from the Maiden Bradley church to the Longbridge Deverill church between 1777 and 1784.

• James Doman (Dolman) that married Mary Ford 29 Mar 1796 was descended from Timothy Dolman and Mary Coleman.
• Timothy Dolman was descended from William Dolman and Hannah Gifford.

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Can anyone help with this query?

My wife Helen is related to James Doman born 1773 (per 1751 census data) lived in Longbridge Deverill (LD) / Hill Deverill (HD) - married Mary Ford 29 Mar 1796 in LD - died 30 Apr 1852 HD. They had 11 children per HD church records - and some of their grand-children migrated to Australia. I have extensive data on the Australian lines amongst my 10,700 database.
For the last few months I have been trawling through the LD, HD, etc micro film tapes to try to find James Doman's forbears. Last week I received the Latter Day Saints film of Maiden Bradley (MB) - and find a Timothy Dolman that married Mary (Coleman?) - and had two children James baptised 1775 and Joseph 1777. In the LD records there is a Timothy & Mary Doman that had four children William 1784, Benjamin 1786, Mary 1788 and John 1792. I suspect that these are the same family - which would suggest James is son of Timothy (the birth data from census aligns to MB data).
With this data I looked at family trees on - found a number (including Steve Matthews one) that show Timothy, his father William (born Calne 1694) and through William 1668, Walter 1640, Walter 1611 to William Dolman / Joane Jeffries.
1. Can you confirm if the Timothy & Mary Dolman in MB are the same as the Timothy & Mary Doman in LD/ HD ?

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The following are two recent requests from the guest book.

1) I am looking for history of a Norwegian family, originally named Olson (Olssen?) who changed their name to Dolman after arriving in the United States in the 19th century. The name "Dolman" was picked because it resembled the name of a Norwegian Island, which I cannot find. Do you have any information about this?

2) My e-mail address is Please e-mail me if you have any information about Norwegian Dolmans. Thanks, Bonnie

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Naval Record:

Dolman, Joseph
Place of Birth:
Bath, Somerset
Continuous Service Number:
Date of Volunteering:
15 April 1865
12 September 1843
ADM 139/747


Naval Records :
Dolman, John Thomas
Official Number:
Place of Birth:
Saint Judes Bristol
25 January 1872
ADM 188/280

SYDNEY DOLMAN 1876 Salisbury

New record of naval service :
Dolman, Sydney
Official Number:
Place of Birth:
Salisbury, Wiltshire
05 December 1876
Catalogue reference
ADM 188/624
Records of the Admiralty, Naval Forces, Royal Marines, Coastguard, and related bodies
Admiralty: Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services
Image contains
1 document of many for this catalogue reference

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Thanks to John Feltham at Moonrakers for this

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Request from guest book. Can anyone help?

William Miles who married Mary Ann Walter 16 May 1836 was my GGGrandfather. One of his daughters, Sarah Miles, b1842, married Henry Hyatt and they lived in Shepton Mallet. My father was a Hyatt. I only found William's marriage recently and discovered that hr was also known as Dolman. On Sarah's marriage certificate her father's name is given as Miles and he made his mark. I would be interested to know why he was also known as Dolman- possibly his mother had been widowed and remarried?